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Truffles , The adult version.

לינק למתכון בעברית בהמשך

I don't know about you, but this wintery weather makes me want some hot drink and some chocolate. These truffles are the exact perfect combination of chocolate and alcohol!

This post is very exciting to me, I'll let you know why. Every once in a while I get together with my friends Orit Ben-Arie and Hagit Bivas for a food photoshoot. We studied food photography together and teamed up, for fun mostly...we work together and help each other, give advice and mostly drink two coffees and eat breakfast together...while taking pictures.

For the recipe scroll down...לינק למתכון בעברית בהמשך


  • 300gr dark chocolate, 60% or more

  • 180ml heavy cream (sweet)

  • 1tsp coffee or espresso

  • a few drops of vanilla extract

  • 1tsp irish cream (for alcohol free truffles replace with coffee or to make stronger replace previous chocolate by Irish cream)

  • 8tbsp cocoa powder.

Have a fun experience with your kids, let them make their own chocolate truffles covered with sprinkles while you make your alcoholic chocolate delights.


  • In a small pot bring cream to a simmer, remove from heat and let cool for a few minutes.

  • Pour hot cream onto chocolate in 3 separate times, while whisking or using a mixer, until chocolate is melted.

  • Add vanilla, coffee and Irish cream to the melted chocolate

  • Leave to chill in room temperature for 4 hours

  • Transfer mixture onto a tray covered with a baking sheet

  • Let chill in the fridge until mixture is dense enough to work with

  • Roll into even circles and cover with a generous layer of cocoa powder


until next time!

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