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Ramen Love Story

Before I get started on the new ramen place I have discovered I will share a little detail about

myself. I was a flight attendant for two years in an Israeli airline, during that time I discovered myself and my love for food again, after having a very hard time accepting myself and the body I am in, years of dieting and calorie counting I finally let myself have a good time and enjoy food with less guilt, long story for another post..but this job was like the best and the worst together, at the same. Serving arrogant rude Israeli's on the plane was exhausting and totally unsatisfying, but then about 10-13 hours later you either end up home, sleep it off intensely (more like over sleep for a whole day) or go on an adventure.

<- Jetlagged 24/7

This adventure was exciting, first of all you drop dead and sleep for a few hours...and then you can start your mini vacation where nobody knows you are, theres some magic about it...I had my suitcase packed, with clothes that were different from the ones I wore back home, just knowing nobody knows you, nobody will give you a certain look, I had more confidence, I had my overlay outfits.

During these two years I fell in love with many new places, but mostly I fell in love with New York City, I fell in love with the food it offers, I fell in love with not giving a damn and eating the whole city whenever I felt like it. That was the place that made me want to start my new career in food photography.

Okay, on to the actual topic of this post..I promise to get back to my flight attendant stories later on. One of the new foods i discovered in NYC was Ramen!I ate it on my first layover there, at Totto Ramen, my dear friend Yarden Kalush took me there and the rest is history! Ever since I've been trying to find a good ramen in Israel, and let me tell you I found a winner!! The deal is most ramen places I ate at in Israel were very watery, the broth had no texture or depth to it, a lot of sesame oil and just not satisfying to the point where I did not want to finish it...or eat more than 5 spoonfuls.

About a week ago I saw one of my favourite tattoo artist's instagram story...and this place was tagged in it, Men Tenten Ramen Bar. The broth looked amazing, I felt like I could smell it through the picture..I had to try!! I told my friend Gal...we're going for ramen! she was skeptical because she's had a bad ramen experience, I hoped we would finally like it...and we did!

It worked! she found a new love for ramen, and I finally found my ramen spot in Tel Aviv!

Men Tenten Ramen bar - Yavne st. 38, Tel Aviv.

Give it a try, and let me know you're thoughts!

My biggest tip. Eat like the Japanese, not with a spoon, drink it!

Until next time!


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