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Nam Nam Nam...נאם

Yesterday my boyfriend let me know he's getting off work early...and I thought, what an opportunity to go have lunch together! mmmm...he asked me what I wanted to eat, now let's be honest...the world divides into two in either love one type of cuisine and thats all you want for the rest of your life...or you have cravings. So me... I have one craving 99% of the time, Thai food. Lucky for me my boyfriend isn't picky, he likes food...any shape or form. So I put off the decision for as long as I could, for a few hours..because if I decide it'll be some type of Asian food, no doubt. I picked him up and then he said the few magical words: "so do you wanna go to Nam?" my heart melted, I tried to be considerate for a moment and asked if there's anything he's in the mood for (except for Hummus..) and he said "Lets go to Nam". YAASSSS!! From being happy about the decision I became nervous about what to order! we have our usuals, but in my mind I wanna change it up but i really don't.

We sat down, the waitress gave us menus, it took us about 2 minutes without even looking at the menu to decide between ourselves that we want the usuals. What can go wrong when you order the 4 usual favourite meals? nothing. It's a recipe to having a great yummy time..

Our 4 favourites, no special order..they are all too good.

Som Tam

Green papaya, Cherry tomatoes, Garlic, Peanuts, Thai beans, Fish sauce, Palm sugar, Lemon, Hot chilli.

Mu Tot Katiam

Crispy fried pork slices with crispy garlic (and two great sour-spicy sauces)

Yam Som Ho

Pomelo, Cucumber, Lemongrass, Mint, Coriander, Chilli, Red onion, Fried onion, Cashew nuts

Pad see ew

Wide rice noodles, Beef, Sweet soy, Broccoli, Green onion, Coriander, Spinach / Khana, Egg, Crispy garlic

perfect meal, perfect restaurant, perfect cuisine. #inlove.

Definitely recommended, of course they have many great dishes, as for great deserts. Enjoy!

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