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The pre-birthday special

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

The world is divided in the birthday category. which are you:

A. Birthday obsessed

B. Birthday hater

C. Depends on the year

Usually I am birthday obsessed every year, this year I felt a little anxious and feeling old... but that will never stop me from having a good time and eating good food!

Every year, a dear friend of mine and I go out for a meal or drink to celebrate our birthday (yes! we have the same birthday!)

“IS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY?? COME GET A FREE DESSERT WHEN YOU'RE DONE.”I wonder what gave it away... maybe the flower crown? mhmm!

This time we got together at BUNZ, in Tel Aviv.

It's no secret...we are huge foodies, so we ordered a lot of different things off the menu, and

once the guy at the counter noticed my flower crown we were offered a birthday desert. WOOHOO!

Once we were done with dessert #1, we headed off to 'Rothschild 12' for dessert #2cheesecake and some rose`.

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