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It's A 'Minzar' Thing

I don't know how to explain what I feel, but I think I have to try.

the MINZAR (המנזר).. a well known place in Allenby ST, Tel Aviv..

If you take a glance, It looks like a bar, something simple, a place for a drink...maybe with a snack or some fries...I wouldn't expect to find a meal there...but let me tell you, every time I go there I am pleasantly surprised. Their menu is always changing, and the food is GREAT!

Last week, my dear friend and I had a work date, spent the entire morning creating and coming up with new and exciting plans...the best part of hanging out is the fact that we get lunch at some point...either take out or somewhere nearby.

This time, as you probably can guess, we went to the Minzar Bar.

The both of us ordered the caesar salad for entree, obviously. Their caesar salad is heaven, and in general I personally think you can never be disappointed by caesar salad. (well, one can only hope)

It was heavenly, crunchy lettuce, full of mayonnaise and parmesan, I wish there were more croutons...but we always want more croutons. Okay that's enough about the salad...

'Yes, it's as good as it looks, I swear.'

My friend ordered the Chilli dog, pretty much a great cheese filled hot dog with chilli con carne and cheese all over it, amazing as you can imagine. It's the messy kind of have to be in the messy mood of this type of food. (geez, what a rhyme!) Sometimes you don't know you're

in the mood until you eat it, and then you feel like a kid, being all sloppy. Speaking of

sloppy...I ordered something along the lines of a sloppy joe, pulled pork burger. It was as sloppy as I imagined it to be, with a great side of soft and yum potatoes.

Yes, it's as good as it looks, I swear. Sadly we did not have time for dessert...maybe next time.I know i'm meeting my friend again in a few days, and I am so excited to eat some more great food together. I'll keep you all posted.



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